AB Sea Grant, Guidelines, Procedures and Application

Autism By the Sea is a 501(c)3 Registered Public Nonprofit Corporation (EIN: 47-1739890) providing support to families affected by Autism. Part of this support is to provide fund to help families pay for autism treatments that could not afford treatments without outside assistance and financial contributions. Grant applications are accepted each year between April 1st through the end of September. Grant approval process usually takes 30 days from the time we receive the grant.

Our Grant and Funds Program is conducted through an application process that will be provided to requesting families affected by Autism within the Newport Mesa Unified School District boundaries for children from ages 1 to 18 years old. It is imperative for early intervention in young children with autism to receive continued, specialized treatment. As funding permits, Autism By the Sea can help provide financial support to families unable to pay for these treatments. Download our application for more information

ABSea Parent Autism ToolKit (.PDF)

Created by parents who have children currently in the Newport Mesa Unified School District’s Autism program, the purpose of the Parent Toolkit is to provide caregivers of Autistic children with information that will help you navigate the first few months of your child’s education experience inside a NMUSD Special Day Class (SDC) program.